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Benjamin Villalobos was born in Andrews Texas 1989. He moved to El paso TX at the age of 15. Metal music was the only thing for him to turn to after growing up in a highly dysfunctional household. Ben picked up the drums quickly and has played in many local bands throughout his life. He has always enjoyed playing groove style beats that follow the guitar. "As much as I love mosh pits, I have always thought getting a crowd to jump with the music is more interactive" With his biggest inspiration being Raymond Herrera of fear factory, he developed a reputation around Texas as the double bass guy. In 2011 he and a group of members from previous local bands formed modern Nu-metal band SECTION6, who has played with numerous national acts. He has recorded all the drums on Section6's first EP entitled "The Mind Broken" See you all at the next S6 show.

My Soultone Set: 

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