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Benjamin Schappell

Benjamin Schappell

I am an avid drummer who likes to consider myself an independent artist. While I am involved in bands, my true passion lies in simply playing no matter the situation or group. I enjoy performing solo as well as with accompanists.

I initially began to pursue my love for drumming in roughly 2005 (age 13). Since I was old enough the move my hands I have been 'drumming' on things. As I grew up, naturally, my parents bought me toy drum sets and such to satisfy my urges. I, however, failed to take my drumming beyond the pots and pans and toy drum sets. In 2005 the youth pastor at my church mentioned to me that he was aware of the fact I am a drummer. I would have hardly considered myself a drummer at the time, but I agreed to drum for the Momentum Youth worship team. With the first step out of the way, I fell in love and began a journey to master the drums -- not just on the kit, but also on hand drums and generally any sort of 'drum'. In 2008 I joined another worship team, Ignite worship, playing African and Latin hand drums on a weekly basis. In early 2009 I formed a metalcore band called We Are Pilate with a few friends and it rapidly took off. The Momentum Youth worship team evolved into Airline Food worship band and competed through multiple levels of the annual Fine Arts Festival, finally advancing to the National Competition in Orlando, Florida. I also entered a drum solo in the Fine Arts Festival which advanced through Nationals ranking me in the top 1/5 of the nations competing drummers.

That was all just the start.

After performing with multiple groups -- such as We Are Pilate, Airline Food, Ignite Worship, The Cloudy Ben and Sunshine Paul Band, Vegetable Purse, and more -- I finally realized where my heart lies. I live to play the drums, be it through performances, competitions, or recordings, solo, in a band, or with prerecorded tracks.

Though I have never had any form of lesson and lack extensive drum theory knowledge, I have learned by trial and error to develop my own unique-to-myself style of drumming. I have always had a love for the sound and feel of jazz. Through the inspiration of jazz I have been able to venture into countless other styles -- Latin, funk, blues, swing, fusion, rock, metal etc. I am continually learning and truly enjoy it. I long to master all styles into my own unique blend of drumming unparalleled to anyone else.

In closing I find it imperative to mention that my passion to lean and excel is ultimately fueled by my passion for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I credit my abilities and successes to his loving grace. I have been blessed to have the opportunities I have, and desire to use the gifts I have been given to give back praise and thanks where it is due.