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Bartosz Pietrasik

Bartosz Pietrasik

Bartosz Pietrasik (born October 29, 1984) is a rock drummer, composer and music producer.
His passion for drums began when he was a child. He has performed with various artists of the Polish music scene. He is also active as a session musician. He cooperates with Quality Studio Warszawa, where he produces and records his own works, Kosa Buena Studio Rafał Kossakowski, SG Productions Cracow.
He is a co-founder of the band 13 Dzielnica, in which he currently plays. Until now, he has collaborated with artists and bands like as Damian Pietrasik, Michał Siudy (Polish 3 edition X-Factor), Maciek Nowak, Eder and many others.

Soultone cymbals are unique. Handmade, they take on individuality, but the variety of the series allows them to be adapted to the individuality of each of the drummers.
Soultone cymbals have a great, world-class sound. I fell in love with this sound, but not immediately. I had met many other cymbals before, and with time I realized that Soultone cymbals are what my soul is looking for. Compared to other brands, they also look great. They are hand-made and imperfections give them character and elegance. When you look at them, you have the feeling that someone put their heart and hard work into their productions. This is very valuable.
I think everyone should know and experience this sound. See, touch. Feel the great sound and open your soul to new experiences. And finally fall in love with them.
Owing to Soultone, I discovered a new sound that suits me perfectly. Soultone cymbals aren't just a tool, they reflect my soul.


My Soultone Set: 

Soultone Abby 14” Hi-hats
Soultone Abby 16”Crash
Soultone Abby 18” Crash
Soultone Abby 20” Ride