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Avishek Biswas

Avishek Biswas

In Human

Avishek Biswas is based out of Kolkata, India and is the drummer for IN HUMAN, who are the Death Metal veterans from this part of the country.
He was primarily a self-taught drummer and later moved on to take formal lessons from senior musicians of the city. He has been playing drums from the age of 18 and over his entire career he has played across different styles of music with different bands and outfits.
At a very young age, he was attracted to the traditional instrument called “dhak” and he started playing them in the festivals held locally. He recalls that perhaps his passion for “dhak” has drawn him towards playing drums rather than playing any other instrument.
His list of influence spans a huge range of artists and bands but he considers Mike Portnoy to be the biggest influence on his drumming. Also, he considers Dream Theater his favourite band.
He got his major breakthrough when his band Trigger FX got a chance to record a compilation album entitled “Grounded Volume 1”under Red Earth Dream Productions. Moving ahead he has worked as a session and as well as full time drummer in some reputed bands such as Stark Naked Animal, Road Roller, The Throwaways and The Mind.
Currently he is playing with IN HUMAN since March 2016.
His current Soultone Setup includes:
a. 22” Custom Brilliant Mega Bell Ride
b. 18” Custom Brilliant Crash
c. 18” Extreme Crash
d. 14” Custom Brilliant Hi Hats.

My Soultone Set: 

22” Custom Brilliant Mega Bell Ride
18” Custom Brilliant Crash
18” Extreme Crash
14” Custom Brilliant Hi Hats.

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