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I am Arjun Menon from Pune,India.I am a drummer by heart,Drum instructor by choice. Music always fascinated me since childhood days watching videos of Michael Jackson, witness the marching band rehearse, Video game music, to my first rock/metal/ Indian classical concert all adding up to the inspiration for me to become a musician. I chose to learn and play drums as my primary instrument. I have been drumming since 2010.I have had formal training in music, majoring in drums from Swarnabhoomi Academy Of Music, Chennai ,India for a period of 6 months (January 2010-July2010). I have played with many bands and artists over the period time. Currently, I am working on full length album with The Abel Projekt due to be released by the end of 2017. Played for a death/thrash metal band Halahkuh for a short duration in which we released an EP. Released an Album with Amongst Denied titled Elevate and Introspect Retrospect with What Google Cant Find. Drumming for me has evolved from whacking it with joy to expressing myself through it and I continue to explore,learn,innovate and make music.

Bands Played With Genre
In Xzyle Melodic Metal
Halahkuh Death/Thrash Metal
Few Guys & A Girl Funk/Blues/Rock
Dark Helm Deathcore
Amongst Denied Progressive Experimental
The Abel Projekt Progressive Metal
The S.A.M band Jazz/Carnatic/Blues/Fusion/Funk.
Dev’s Music Academy Bollywood Fusion
Abraxas Metalcore

Mother Nature, George Kollias, Tool, Linkin Park,
Fellsilent, Amon Amarth,Anoushka Shankar,
Trivium,Children Of Bodom,Billy Cobham, The Doors,MilesDavis,Pt.ZakirHussain,Michael Jackson, Avishahi Cohen,Richard Bona,Shankar Mahadevan,Gretchen Paralato,
VictorWooten,SteveSmith,TheAristocrats, Shakti,A.R.Rehman,Eminem etc.

Arjun has been one of the most active musicians in the Indie Music Scene of the country and has experience playing different genres. He not only plays metal but has his own signature style of playing in which he fuses the repertoire he keeps building based around the different styles to make you feel good about yourself

My Soultone Set: 

8" Custom Splash
14" Heavy Hammered Hi Hat Pair
18" Heavy Hammered China
21" Gospel Mega Bell Ride
18" Gospel Crash
11" Extreme Splash
18" Heavy Hammered Crash
16" Custom Brilliant FXO 6 Effect China