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Arguster James Jones

Arguster James Jones

James Jones, was born 1975 in Waterbury CT where as a young child it was discovered that he had a God given talent to play the drums. James would find anything that he could beat on even his Moms pots and pans. At the age of 14 years old, James was blessed with a drum set from a guy named Marty who saw playing a made up drum set under a tree. Marty left a note with his number on the tree and told James he had three drum sets and he would like to give him one but, of course James did not take him serious because a lot of people played tricks on him before. James decide to call Marty and three days later when James came home , he open the door and his mom was standing there smiling. James asked his mother why are you smiling his mother backed up and James noticed a blue sparkled Slingerland drum set. James kept the drum’s and he began to practice harder each day. Around the age of 16 years old, James recorded for the first time in the studio with his brother Moncure Willaims and a Barry Engleston. The song was called I shall wear a crown a gospel tune and his music career took off from that point. Arguster also had great influnces like Victor Williams, Jay Whittaby,William Davis, Jeff Davis ,Big Mike Cleamons ,Joel Smith, Doobie Powell ,Stanley Jordan, Chris Stanley Chris Davis Moncure Williams ,Joe Scott, Sean lilly, Lamont Williams,keith cropper, Art Mcdaniel, Dennis Chambers,. Vinnie coliuta , Jason Hendrickson, .Danny Ford, To many to name. Arguster James Jones

Known for his outstanding pocket and powerful sound James is noted as a great drummer, teacher and mentor.

James skills includes Jazz, Gospel, fusion and Funk

James has been on several recordings:

· Damon Mack and chosen(Gospel)

· Steve Clark (funk)

· Pastor Franklin Brown and New Territory (Gospel)l

· Kerstin Steven’s (Violinist)

Pastor Franklin.Brown and The Voices Of St.Paul(Gospel)

He has also played with artist like:

· A better way

· Twinkie Clark

· The Blind Boy's

· James Moore

· Kim Burrell

· Family and Friend's

· Damon Mack and Chosen

· Garden State choral chapter

James Jones has been endorsed by

Soultone Cymbals. AJJ3RD Signature Serious

He has held a number of sheds in the Westchester County and is well known in the Tri-state area.

James Jones has a heart to teach others what he knows he has several students and is noted as mentor to some of the latest drummers that are hitting the music world now.

My Soultone Set: 

19" Crash "Natural Prototype"
17" Crash Gospel
15" Crash Gospel
13" Hi Hats Gospel
16" FXO 6
18" Crash/ Ride Vintage Old School Patina
9" Splash Gospel