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Arek Kus

Arek Kus was born on 17.05 1978 in Ruda Slaska,Poland. He comes from a music-minded family. After twelve years of music education he graduated from the Primary and Secondary Public Music School in Bytom. Arek got his Master's degree in music at The Music Academy of Krakow, at the Department of Musical Instruments. At this Academy he also completed a two year post-graduate study in the field of drums. During his master's and post-graduate studies he gained experience in playing with orchestras and bands. At the time of his study he began cooperating > with well-known musicians like:


Pawel Kukiz

Jacek Wojcicki

Karin Stanek

Katarzyna Gartner


Wheatbread Johnson

Terry Man

Lester Kidson

Patsy Gamble

Keith Thompson

Griff Hamlin

and bands like:



Gang Olsena

Trebunie Tutki

In 2003 he participated in the "International Source and Inspiration Drum Festival"

He also played in many festivals in Poland, such as:


BluesBrotherDay Festival GRIFF HAMLIN

JimiWay Blues Festival 2004WHEATBREAD JOHNSON

Galicja Blues Festival 2005 GRIFF HAMLIN

Sopot Top Trendy 2005STACHURSKY

Sopot Festival 2006 STACHURSKY

Sopot Hit Festival 2009 STACHURSKY

Opole Festival 2010 STACHURSKY

Selected Discography:

HORRORSCOPE "Pictures of Pain"2001

GRIFF HAMLIN "Live in Poland" 2004

WHEATBREAD JOHNSON "Jesus Love Survived"2004

GANG OLSENA Satyr Blues 2004 Live + dvd

GANG OLSENA "Disco & Blues"2004