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Anthony Roberts

Anthony Roberts

Born in Newport News, VA., Anthony Roberts was given his first drum set by his mother at the tender age of three. She began teaching him the basics of playing the drums. He received his first taste of playing with other musicians at the age of five in his hometown church, Gods Holy Temple, in Newport News, VA. Here he was exposed to many different styles of drummers, in which he took a piece from each and every one of them. This would shape his drumming style in the years to come.

Roberts’ mother also was a great drummer in her own right. She focused on making Anthony what he is today. She then turned her attention to playing keyboard. Many would say she “passed the torch”. Anthony would get better with time. At the young age of 12 he went to a concert with his dad, Robert Holland. His dad was the lead singer for Bill Pinkney and the Original Drifters. Anthony saw a wonderful opportunity and took it! The drummer did not show so he was asked to play for them. He did so without missing a beat!

At the age of 13 Anthony played on a first of many recordings with a professional gospel group, The Gospel Harmoneers. This record was for national recording label, AIR records. As years passed, he started high school. This where he joined the high school marching band and made the snare line. During his senior year he passed up the opportunity of playing in the Hampton University Marching Band in college to go into the United States Air force. While in the United States Air Force he received orders to Sumter, SC. Being this close allowed Anthony to still play the drums for Bill Pinkney and the Original Drifters. He played on and off for about 2 years. While in SC he met one of his musical mentors, Dave Geter. Dave is one of the best drummers in the industry to this day. He taught Anthony how to really use his gift in the right way and he molded Anthony into a professional drummer. Dave has played all over the world with artists such as John P Kee, M.D Stokes, Martha Munizzi, Lil Mo, along with many others.

In 2005, Anthony was assigned by the military to Okinawa, Japan. There he played with Japanese rock/movie star, Katchan and the Katchan band. Anthony traveled all over Japan and played with the band for 2 ½ years. While in Japan he was also given the opportunity to play alongside the National Jazz Recording Artist, Tim Watson. Anthony was also a featured musician on Tim Watson’s Christmas jazz album, “Smooth Jazz Christmas".

In 2008, Anthony was reassigned to North Carolina. It is there where he was introduced to National Recording Artist and lead guitar player for the world renown group Arrested Development, Kennedy Atkinson. Kennedy Atkinson took Anthony under his wing. He is one of many musical mentors Anthony was blessed to have met while in North Carolina. Some of his other mentors are George Freeman and Marcus Shaw, just to name a few. Anthony has stated that if it wasn’t for these guys no one would know him in North Carolina.

In summer of 2010, Anthony was introduced to Southern Soul super producer Jerry Flood. He and Jerry built a great relationship and Jerry connected Anthony with many Southern Soul Artists. Anthony has performed with other Southern Soul Artists such as Shirley Jones, Theodis Eli, and Calvin Richardson and is currently the music director for Southern Soul Artist LACEE. He is still active in the United States Air Force and he is a full time traveling musician on the weekends with various artists.

He is currently playing in the Main Street Band along with George Freeman, Kennedy Atkison, and Jermone Randall. The Main Street Band is playing behind many national artists such as Pamela Williams, Althea Renee, Eric Darious, Fantasia, Dorothy Norwood, Slim (from 112), Rome, along with many others. Besides traveling to play on the weekends, they are also working on their first CD as a band. This is due to be released in the summer of 2011. Now, when Anthony is not booked with the Main Street Band he is actually the musical director for Southern Soul Artist LACEE on her Soul Tour 2011.