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Anthony J.Dildy Jr

Anthony J.Dildy Jr

As Anthony started to grow as a little toodler, his days of growing up in the church with my grandmother and the rest of my family. He wanted to play the drums, He was always beating on something. Either it was pots, pans, and he had spoons and forks to beat with. When Anthony turned 5 years old his father (Anthony Dildy Sr.) got him his first drum set. Oh man anthony loved it so much, he got right on it soon after he put it together and broke his first tom head, lol. Then when he turned 5 years old he played his first song in his old church (Bethany Baptist Church) in Norfolk,Va. The song was called “Jesus Jesus Jesus” , it was fairly slow in the beginning but sped up at the end. After a few years of more practice of everyday and night anthony could get his hands on his drums he would not beat but PLAY them like they were his girlfriend, lol. When he was finally old enough his father enrolled him into drum lessons at Alpha Music in Virginia Beach,Va. for the summer.

As Anthony progressed and started playing drums for many of churches in Norfolk,Va he finally found his gift from the Lord Jesus Christ, people and his family say he had an Annointed gift from God. Not just from playing, but that young man had rythmn and a nice pocket. Soon as anthony became a teenager at the age of 13 he progressed the to level where he could play any genre of style and he had his own unique style and swagg on the Kit. Anthony wasn’t trying to be nobody else, even though he had influences and inspirations in his life. Such as JoJo Mayer, Buddy Rich, Gerald Heyward (Godfather of Gospel/R&B Drumming), Aaron Spears, Thomas Prigden, Spanky McCurdy, Eddie Heyward Jr., Ronald Bruner Jr, Larone "Skeeter" McMilian, Teddy Campbell and many more. Even the wonderful Tony Royster Jr. But when Anthony graduated from the 5th grade, he was in middle school finally and got in the band and Concert band, also he played drums for the school Jazz band. They played genre’s from rock, swing, jazz, classical rock and fusion jazz. Anthony intergrated from all kinds of differrent music and world class drummers. Even though his style was Gospel and HipHop and R&b, he served the Lord well and put his heart and soul into his playing like no other, then he auditioned for City Band, even different community Marching Bands across Portsmouth and Norfolk. Even though his mother (Dorothy B.Dildy-Clemons) and father struggled when he was young they keep him motivated and kept him going in the route of playing drums Non-Stop for the Lord.

When Anthony became a 8th grader he went to Norfolk State University Marching Band Camp and made it at 4th string to play snare, and they had nine people on their Snare Line. Anthony could read music like a snap, when Anthony got into high school he was in the band at Western Branch High in Chesapeake,Va until his junoir year, also he was on the Drumline for only one year. As his years went along he started playing for different churches around Hampton Roads Area and he played for some conventions. During Anthony's high school years he went to Drum Clinic’s and played in different Drum shed’s around Virginia. Right now he is playing drums for is church, Fourth Baptist Church in Portsmouth,Va. He has been playing at the church for the past two and a half years happily serving the Lord and always remembering he wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Jesus Christ and his Lovable sweet grandmother ( Jesse May Brown, R.I.P.). He learned many of things from different genre's of music from his teachers and reading about Drums and tuning, also about the history of Drums. From watching DrumChannel , Youtube and buying DVD’s about drummers and some basic and master class levels.

Thank God for his gift and for all that he has done for Anthony J.Dildy Jr and hopefully pursue his Drum Career as a Professional Drummer.


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