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Anthony Hanna Jr

Anthony Hanna Jr

Anthony Hanna Jr better known as Boom born on May 19, 1999 to Anthony Hanna Sr and Althea Hanna ,Started playing the drums at the age of 1. His inspirations today are Gerald Heyward , Aaron Spears , Robert Searight , and Omar Hakim. In the near future Anthony see's hisself playing for major artists, and traveling the world. His motivations are the people closest to him in his life who pushes him daily to be great , to never give up on his passion for music and to continue to perfect his craft. Anthony has a passion and a heart for music , He has many different talents musically , he also plays other instruments such as the keyboard , bass . But his passion is mainly for drums . " I always tell myself after a word of prayer to level up and strive for GREATNESS"!

My Soultone Set: 

8" Custom Brilliant Splash
14" Custom Brilliant Hi Hats
18" Custom Series Crash
18" FXO 12 Crash
19" Custom Brilliant Crash
21" Heavy Hammered Ride

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