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Anthony (FriedAnt) Friedli is a musician, producer and concert/festival organizer who got his start with music at a young age. According to his parents, he started playing along to music on pots and pans as soon as he was old enough to hold a spoon in each hand. By the time he turned 4, they decided that it was time to buy him his first junior drum set.

Fast forward 21 years, and Anthony has developed a list of accomplishments within the Chicagoland music community. To name a few:

-He started writing, recording and releasing music with his friends when he was 13 years old

-By 16 he played his first sold out show, in front of about 600 people.

-He obtained a van and went on his first tour when he was 18.

-He was featured as a drummer in a broadway / professional wrestling show produced by a former WWE wrestler

-He performed at a post - Bernie Sanders rally at the House of Blues in Chicago before speeches by an Illinois state senator and alderman

-He started a weekly “open jam night” to help local musicians get their names out there whilst having the opportunity to network and jam with others alike

-He partnered with other industry professionals to organize a 3-day-long camping music festival, consisting of 30+ bands, 30+ DJ’s, various artists, workshops, venders and more

-He has produced and organized countless concerts of various kinds, with the goal being to help promote local bands of all genres

-He taught himself how to work his way around virtually any DAW, and has been using this knowledge to help build his skills in music production, sound design and audio engineering

-He taught himself how to play the piano, guitar and bass, and has been able to apply his knowledge and skills towards contributing to write dozens of songs that fall within various genres, with various bands.

Anthony currently plays the drums for Whüzy, a wavy indie-pop group from the suburbs of Chicago, as well as he is in the process of writing, recording, mixing and mastering his own music for a solo debut. He spends the majority of his free time nose-deep within his projects, however when presented with the right ideas, Anthony is known to be incredibly eager and devoted to making sure that the outcome is of great quality.

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Soultone cymbals stand out from other brands that I have tried because they have a beautiful warmth that just hits you the right way. Plus not to mention, they look awesome, sound great with any kind of music, they feel great to play on, and they’re HAND MADE! I mean, come on. Hand made cymbals of this quality? That’s love right there.
Soultone cymbals are superior to any other brand because they are truly universal cymbals. Being a drummer with a background heavily leaning in the genres of metal, jazz and funk, I can honestly say that they sound great with any style of music, therefore I recommend them to any and all drummers.
Soultone has helped me as a drummer by giving me a platform to promote myself and my passions, as well as they have helped me to start building my ideal cymbal setup! Lior has been my primary contact thus far, and he has been super insightful, reliable, and quick to answer. I also got help from Tomer when I was having trouble deciding on which cymbals to get in the first place. We met over a video call and he was very patient with me as I made him run around and grab a bunch of different cymbals for me to hear. Thanks guys!

My Soultone Set: 

22" Custom Brilliant Ride
14" Natural Hi Hat Pair
16" Custom Brilliant Crash
18" Explosion Crash
STACK: 10" Gospel China & 12" FXO 6 Splash

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