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Anthony Ball a.k.a Aball

Anthony Ball was born Jan. 23, 1989, ten minutes from music city Memphis, in West Memphis, AR. His whole family was very musically gifted with many musicians and singers. It all started with family like his grandfather, Paul Mosley, who had an old barbershop where little Anthony went everyday from the age of 5 and got to know and love the sound of old school music like Stax, Al Green, Jonny Taylor, The Temptations, Isaac Hayes, and many others. His mother Mary Ball and Grandmother Evelena Ball both raised him up in church, and this is where the passion for drums birth. They attended church almost every day seem like, and you could always find him behind the drummer with sticks air drumming and willing to him the drummer with his equipment. Not old enough and waiting behind two of drummer, Anthony practiced and beat up his mother’s pots and pans and grandmothers old buckets outside, playing with tree limbs and the cotton coat hangers.

At the age of 10, he became the drummer at his school assemblies at Wonder Elementary. This is the starting point of many awards, accomplishments, and honors leading into Jr. High and high school. Anthony has been a section leader in band off and on from 7th grade to 12th grade in high school. He has also made All-Region Concert band, All-Region Jazz band, All-State Concert band, and All-State Jazz band. Also, Anthony began proving himself locally as a gospel drummer at 14yrs. old, and also began playing while in high school for the All Star Mid-South College Jazz Band.

Anthony graduated in 2007 from West Memphis High School with a full-scholarship to attend the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, AR, as a music education major. When he moved to college numerous doors opened for him. The first one was when he was asked for play for Stax Records Artist, Wayne Jackson. This was a dream come true for the W. Memphis native. Afterwards, God's favor bought many other gigs around in Arkansas and surrounding states. Since 2007, now given the nickname "Aball", has been blessed to stay busy as a musician. Now, Aball has recently been the one to call for many gospel singers that come through Arkansas. Many Artists like the Gospel Jazz legend Ben Tankard, 2009 BET Sunday's Best Y'anna Crawley, Gospel Artist Maurette Brown Clark, and the new Arkansas Gospel Mass Choir. He also plays for great local artists in Fayetteville such as a rock band "Age of Liberty", Jazz and Gospel Sax player Justin Hamby, Potential, and many other artists. He is also working at Crisp Recording Studios as the house drummer and with studio producer/musician Reggie James where Aball has played on albums for many Gospel and Jazz artists around the region. At the age of 20, Anthony Ball aka "Aball" also gives drum lessons twice a week, and is endorsed by Soultone Cymbals and Allegra Drums. He knows everything has come from nobody but God!!