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Angelo Oliva was born on October 17, 1974 in „Les Genevez”, Jura, Switzerland.

Self-taught from an early age, Angelo rocked listening to the swing of Claude Nougaro in his cradle. At the age of 4th, Angelo was already playing percussion on pots and pans. He was a child who was already vibrating with all his senses, especially rhythmic music. At 8 years old, he received his first battery (plastic) which did not last long. Angelo learned quickly, as fast as he grew up.

With a Neapolitan dad, he often was listening to Pino Daniele at home; whose he loved blues jazz style. Then, as a teenager, he discovered the hard rock with Iron Maiden, Metallica and others and it was at the age of 20 that he had his first group band called “Les Talus” (style blues-rock-reggae-ska), a group that has toured Switzerland and Italy with no less than 50 concerts and one album called “Caméléon” in two years.

Then in 1998, he met Franco Vinciguerra, the blues guitarist who had a band he belonged to for 2 years. Before him, six drummers tried to play to join the group. Franco (with a strong musical character) wanted a drummer who can "shuffle". Repetitions followed one another before reaching success, a formation of 5 brass, pure blues-rock musicians, two albums, one studio, one live and one TV apparition. After that: concerts from Thursday to Sunday tirelessly blistering at your fingertips playing in pubs (as the Hard Rock Café in Paris), festivals, bars... until 2001. He was quickly recognized as an excellent drummer.

In 2005, the performer Chris Maldah (“Latitude 46” recorded in Canada) invited Angelo for a recording session.

Angelo has performed at the legendary “Le Champ du Gros” in “Le Noirmont” as a lot of others famous groups with “Les Talus reformed” with more than 2500 people in 2011.

In 2014, he joined the group from his region called “Kissing Toads” (style pop rock of personal compositions), one album and one audio clip released at the end of December 2016. Another album will be released at the end of July 2018.

In parallel, Angelo began to play with the group “Charlie Gilbert & The Boogies Heads in 2017 (style of blues with a formation of five musicians, some songs covers and compositions).

Next, a new band for April 2018, he will be playing in a third group “Echos des Ordons”, three musicians (all styles, country, ska, disco)

He accompanies many musical groups to help at the last minute too. He has the musical ear and learns the songs listening to them two or three times.

My Soultone Set: 

19" NOA Ride
16" NOA Crash
13" NOA Hi-Hats
10" Extreme Splash
17" FXO 6 Crash