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Andrew Jacobs

Andrew Jacobs

Andrew Jacobs - Drummer, Student, Entrepreneur

August 9th, 1993, Andrew was born in Arcadia, CA to parents Larry & Sonia Jacobs. He is diagnosed with Dyastrophic Displasia, a form of Dwarfism. Some would call this a handicap, however Jacobs simply viewed it as another challenge to overcome, pushing himself to always keep up, if not exceed, his peers. From the age of two, Jacobs has been fascinated by music; his parents would place bongo drums in front of Andrew, which always resulted in the young talent expressing himself artfully through the rhythms he would play.

At the age of thirteen, Andrew Jacobs discovered true music, through the artistic creativity and force behind American rock band, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, taking specific interest in the bass and drums section. Soon after, Jacobs was given a drum set from a family friend. The limited use of his fingers made it nearly impossible to play another instrument, so Andrew began testing out his abilities behind the drum set.

Within three years, including lessons under Southern California-based drum instructor Steve Roth, Jacobs has progressed from beginner percussionist to a semi-pro level drummer. His incredible feats at such a young age have truly set the stage for infinite possibilities.

Jacobs, now a high school graduate, is pursuing music both professionally and through higher education with a study emphasis in music. In reaching his goals of achieving pro musician status; Andrew explores varied styles and genres of drumming and has even expanded his abilities to playing percussion and even live backing vocals. Andrew Jacobs is both living proof, as well as a firm believer in the idea that anyone can achieve their goals and live their dream, provided one is willing to work hard and perfect ones’ art. Determination becomes motivation.