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Andrea Maccagni

Andrea Maccagni

Andrea was born in Piacenza on December 17, 1993.

he studied the drums for 7 years before moving to the acoustic drum under the guidance of his brother Nicola Maccagni and father Giuseppe Maccagni either musicians.

once worked as a drummer with various rock band playing in various clubs and pub of Piacenza and Cremona, different genres including rock, hard rock, pop and funky.

since 2003, begins to self-study this magnificent instrument methods Cristiano Micalizzi "DRUMMING SYSTEM", Steve Smith and watching the instructional DVD Mike Terrana...In fact, he defines a large rocker.

in 2006 he took lessons in teaching to Merk Ferrari while drummer "Rovina Divina.

In 2009 he took lessons in teaching to Marco Orsi in live and studio session musician with major pop artists Italian (Enrico Ruggeri, Ron, Franco Battiato, and many others...).

still is studying methods of Dom Famularo, Buddy Rich, Stick Control to George Lawrence Stone with Corrado Bertonazzi (Dejavu live band, Loredana Errore, Francesco Renga...ecc...ecc...).

In 2005 his first professional appearance on stage with the father's country band with which he and 'at the most' prestigious local and Italian cities of northern and central Italy.

In 2007 I played with Costi quel che costi (CQC) rock cover band that has' performed in various clubs and pub Piacenza.

In 2009 he played with Massimo Cebrero (Macho band) considered one of the best saxophonists in pop music, among other things had the experience of playing with Tony Filograno (Leano Morelli, Bandiera Gialla... and many others...)

in 2010 he played with devis e rebecca two young boys who can bring great experience in Italy and Switzerland their skills.

e still 'back in MACHO BAND!!!!!!!


- Milano+ "MusicaInsieme" with Macho band

- SuperTV "Serata italiana" with Devis e Rebecca band

- Canale italia "Cantando e ballando" Devis e Rebecca band

- Telecolor "Ripensando a voi" Devis e Rebecca band

- SuperTV "Serata italiana" Macho band

- E-tv "Liscio come l'olio" Macho band

Is working with a 'initiative with Marco Biolchi and the professor Cavanna helping with a benefit evening of music e fun for the sick of the oncology ward of the hospital of Piacenza, this type of event co-operating high-level guests such as..Marco Orsi (drummer, session musician), Lorenzo Poli (bassist of festival della canzone italiana "SANREMO" 60° - 61° Edizione.), Alessandro Bertozzi (saxofonista, session musician) e tantissimi altri...

It added 'his first professional experience in a recording studio with the band "Qualcuno"

Recently collaborated with major orchestras and bands in Italian and live in the studio, he teaches privately in various children,