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Sadie & the Blue Eyed Devils; LoveLessLust; Joseph Garate; Adam Oliver

An interview between Anders La Source and Himself:

Himself: So Anders, that was a delicious pie! Thank you! Now back to the interview, if you don’t mind?
Anders: Oh I’d rather get back to the pie.

(15 minutes later)

H: Mmmmmm….boy that IS delicious! But we really should get back to the interview….
A: Okay, sounds good!
H: Alrighty, so when did you start playing music?
A: Well, I was about 12. My dad had been a drummer back in the 70’s and he bought me my first pair of drum sticks. And my mom fashioned my first drum kit out of pie tins and plastic trash cans.
H: Oh! How interesting! Who were your earliest influences? And who are your favorite players now?
A: Oh the classics for sure. You almost can’t live outside of the Beatles’ influence, so Ringo Starr was an early inspiration. And Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones. Later on, people like John Bonham, Tony Williams, Levon Helm, Mitch Mitchell and Fred Below. Oh, and Animal. Definitely Animal.
H: Classic. How about school? Did you study music academically?
A: Yup! I studied music in high school and majored in music at California State University Northridge under the great percussionist, John Magnussen. He really helped me hone and focus my skills.
H: Neat! He sounds like a good guy.
A: Definitely.
H: So please, tell us about your current musical projects!
A: Well, I’m part of a couple groups all based in Los Angeles but my baby is Sadie & the Blue Eyed Devils We’re a folk/jazz/blues/gypsy/rock/backwoods-bossa/dustbowl-punk band and we’re here to teach you the importance of good hygiene and a well balanced diet.
H: Dirty. And what are your plans for the future?
A: Well, we currently have several new songs out, all of which you can find here:
H: And where can folks find info on you guys?
A: Well the best place to find us is online at This is where you can find links to our Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr and Bandcamp, where you can buy our new e.p! The We Love You e.p! And you’ll be able to find all info on future shows!
H: Well Anders it sounds like you live quite the exciting life! I can’t wait to see where it takes you!
A: Thanks buddy!
H: Unfortunately we got to wrap it up. Any final thoughts?
H: Righteous! Talk to you later Anders!
A: Oh don’t leave just yet! I just finished baking another pie!
H: Mmmmmm….well in that case….

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