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Amado Tuazon

At the age of eleven, Amado started teaching himself from the influences of funk-groove drummer David Garibaldi of Tower of Power and the power-rock drummer John Bonham of Led Zeppelin. In grade school he studied trumpet but realized that percussion and drumming would be his passion. He went on to studying in college studying music theory and was a member of the jazz ensemble under the wings of professor Bill Bell. Amado’s philosophy is to always learn all you can and grasp the soul from all the different genres and has often shared his philosophy with new and young players. “Learning is a never ending task”, he quotes. Amado’s philosophy has enriched him with all the musical styles offered to him and can be easily heard in his performance and the vast styles of bands he currently performs for. Bands influenced with latin to rock, pop R&B, worship and jazz, Amado is in full demand that has kept him busy performing throughout the Bay Area. A few compliments given was from a band member quoted “Amado can do anything you throw at him”, and after his church performance, the best compliment of all, one parishioner commented “ you have touched my heart, and made me cry”, (Amado said to himself,”I made you cry, on drums!? “ wow, You figure) what great compliments theses were.

When performing, the challenge is to capture the soul (or the groove) of the music. When you have made your audience smile and cheer and want more, you have met your challenge. My best on-stage performance was performing at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco and many of the teens lined up and wanting my autograph.

I have been blessed as the drummer for Rick Stevens and Love Power. Rick Stevens was the former lead vocalist for Oakland based funk-jazz group Tower of Power and is the voice behind TOP hit "You're Still a Young Man". Also, while not getting funky with Love Power I also perform with a variety of bands in the San Francisco Bay Area such as The Vintage Plus Dance Band, Patron Latin Rhythms.

Notable mentions on whom I have performed with was Brad Gillis before getting famous with (Night Ranger, Ozzy). Opened for Star Castle and Tesla, recently, opened for American Idol Star winner, Ruben Studdard. Currently, performing sold out shows with stars from the Philippines Miriam Pantig, Divo Bayer and Angelica del Carmen.

Currently, endorsed by two music manufacturers, Soultone Cymbals from Encino, CA and Viper Drum Company from Denver, CO. and a member of Music Organization Bands4Bands and was honored with The Best Drummer Award for 2009.

My Soultone Set: 

The colors of my sound are:
17" Extreme Crash
19" Extreme Crash
18" China Custom Series
18" FXO 6
21" Ride Custom Brilliant
12" Splash Custom Brilliant
10" Splash Custom Brilliant
5" Bell
16" FXO 12J
15" Custom Brilliant HH