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Alwin Laysico

Alwin Laysico

Amadeo, Independent

Alwin "Elmo" Laysico grew up in Melbourne, Australia. With such a rich live music scene,
it's easy for him to be constantly inspired and motivated to refine his 'sound'.
Elmo has toured extensively around Australia and South East Asia with various artists.
He's currently residing in the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila, Philippines.
Working and recording with local artists and his band AMADEO.

I'm always looking to put my personality in each project and musical situation. Soultone helps me do just that. Whether it's their Old K line, the FXO series or something completely different, they help me get the sound outta my head and into real life.
Soultone cymbals marry the 'old world' manufacturing, traditions and values with the modern sound, durabilty and complexity I haven't come across til now. And I've tried them all.
Soultone has a cymbal to fit just about any genre and situation. Their range covers everything you'll need from Latin to Gospel and Rock to Jazz! You're really spoilt for choice.
Soultone cymbals allows each drummer to put their own musical fingerprint with each hit. Give any of Soultone's line a try, you're ears will thank you for it.
It's not just about the cymbals that make Soultone such a great company. It's the people behind it. The Soultone Cymbals Artist Relations has been amazing. Very responsive and extremely easy to work with. Even with some of my bizzare requests, they have been very accommodating! It's such a pleasure and privilege to have this opportunity to work so closely with the people behind Soultone.

My Soultone Set: 

13" Gospel Wave Hats or 14.5" Old K Prototype
17" Custom Series Crash
21" Old K Prototype Ride
10" Natural Prototype Splash or Natural Prototype Splash 9" with FXO5 holes
12" Natural Prototype Splash/12" Prototype Spiral Stack
18" FXO 12 Effect Crash
14" FXO Hoop
Natural Prototype Splash 12" spiral cut with 2 tambourine jingles
Natural Prototype Crash 15" spiral cut with 3 tambourine jingles