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Alvie Ramah

Alvie Ramah

Coming from a musical family, Alvie has always been fascinated by music, instruments and rhythm from a very young age. Like many other drummers, his first drum kit was in fact the living room couch of his family home and cooking pots while using chopsticks and any other stick-like objects as drumsticks.

Alvie began getting piano lessons at the age of 6 years old, however his attention was always brought back to drums and percussions. Being a quick learner, Alvie taught himself how to play the drums by watching the drummers of his local church every Sunday and by practicing on the home couch or on his uncle’s drum kit occasionally. A couple of years later saw 8-year-old Alvie joining the church’s band as their week-night service drummer. He describes his first time on stage being “Horrible and daunting – being out of time for most of the songs…”, as the nerves got the better of him. However, overtime his drumming went on to improve and his confidence behind the kit and in front of an audience grew as he became the regular week-night service drummer.

In September 2009, Alvie’s family migrated from Mauritius to Melbourne, Australia – where he is currently based in. Despite not having access to a drum kit for the next couple of years, Alvie went back to his roots and kept practicing ever so often on the couch or on pillows. In 2011, his parents surprised him with his first drum kit - an Ashton, which he still currently owns. Throughout his early teenage years, Alvie went on to play drums in a few churches around Melbourne before deciding to take some time away from drumming to focus on school. He describes his 5-year hiatus with drumming as “a stupid decision” and that he “should’ve continued with drumming and music all the way through high school”.
The late months of 2018 saw Alvie make a return back to the drum throne as he began playing the drums again which lead him to post his first drum cover on his Instagram and Facebook pages. The response from that video encouraged and motivated Alvie to continue producing more drumming content which he now predominantly posts on his Instagram. Fast-forward to two years and many drum covers later, Alvie is now a proudly endorsed Soultone Cymbals Artist.
He describes the opportunity of being part of the Soultone Family as a huge blessing and is excited to see what the future holds from here onwards. Alvie plans to continue creating drumming content on Instagram and eventually Youtube in hopes to grow his channel while also working towards playing for live bands again.

My Soultone Set: 

24” Natural Ride
22” Old K Prototype Crash/Ride
20” Natural Heavy Hammered Hybrid Crash
16” Natural Hi-Hats
18” Gospel China
10” FXO 5 Effect Splash
19” FXO 6 Effect Crash
12” FXO 6 Effect Splash