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Originally from Ann Arbor Michigan I started in music by studying Soul, Funk, RnB, Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock and Blues. Then I moved to California and begin playing in the west coast studio and live scene doing session work with Robert Trujillo in the Band “Infectious Grooves”, touring with the Band “Butterflow”, and drum sessions and live dates for Eric Brudon, Alanis Morrisette, Bruce Sweden, Bill Kennedy, Paul Northrup, Jed Lieber, Kenny Komisar, Don Boyette, Chris Ronin, Barry Squire and many other LA based producers.
As a composer and producer I have over 300 songs and tracks recorded with many placements in commercials and movies.
My two current live bands are called “The Funk Foundation” and “TJ Gibson and Area52”.
“The Funk Foundation” is an allstar funk band with members from Stevie Wonder's Band, The Gap Band, Rufus, Earth Wind & Fire and MJ's Band. This project is the house band for The Concerts for Earth Foundation events promoting ECO Awareness.
“TJ Gibson and Area52” is the smaller version of the band.
I am also currently producing a concert series in Costa Rica called “Funk in The Jungle - Concert for Earth”. An annual Concerts For Earth Foundation event to benefit the Rainforest which is partnered with the United Nations, UNESCO division, Black Star Line Foundation, Sinbad, HBO Netflix and the Costa Rican Government.
I play Yamaha Drums, Soultone Cymbals, a Noble & Cooley Snare and a DW pedal.

My Soultone Set: 

14" Custom Brilliant Hi hats
17" Custom Brilliant Crash
10" Gospel Splash
18" Custom Brilliant Crash
21" Gospel Ride
14" Extreme China / 15" FXO B6 Stack

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