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AlfonZo Rachel Also known as Zo is the founder and principle song writer of 20 lb Sledge. Zo’s taste for a carful blend of melody and grit are represented in his song writing which has 20 lb Sledge sounding as grizzly as a bear yet sweet like the honey it gets a hankerin’ for. Zo needed cymbals that could fit that blend. Zo had drum sticks long before he had drums, but that didn't stop him from drumming on things, including other people's nerves. When he got into high school his mom was able to get him set of drums. He banged those buckets in their small apartment, but perhaps he wasn't doing too bad because the neighbors never complained.

Zo continued in High School Marching band. He marched quads and later, Snare; a spot he annoyingly coveted, not caring about the juniors and seniors who waited to occupy those spots. As a teen, Rachel was allowed to sit in on drums as a guest drummer at a local night club (as long as he stayed so many feet from the bar.) Rachel has founded and has been the principle song writer for a few different bands. There was a dry spell of playing for a while as the bands weren't working out. Rachel was able to replenish himself by becoming a worship team drummer for church. Since then, after a long search Rachel has founded the Faith based hard rock band, 20 lb Sledge. The music is driven by unique, potent, sophisticated yet simple steady rhythms, and some juicy melodies.

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