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Alexis Hernandez

Alexis Hernandez

I was born and raised in New York City on June 3rd, 1989. My interest in the drums started at church at the age of two. I would go to the drums after church and start playing them exactly like the way the drummer of the church used to play them. Every Sunday where I went with my family to my grandmother’s house after church, when I was age two going into three at the time, I would take her pots and pans and set them up exactly the way the drummer had them in church. When I started hitting them my father and grandmother saw something special in me.

At the age of four my father bought me my first drum-kit, which became the first drum-kit I used in my father’s church for the first ten years of life. At the age of fourteen I had moved 2 hours and 45 minutes west from Brooklyn, New York to Allentown, Pennsylvania. It was there that my drumming career really began and reached a peak in my life. I played for many worship teams over at Allentown as well as the worship team for my father’s church, which I am still currently playing at.

At the age of 18, I went to college over at Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. The name of the college was Valley Forge Christian College, and it was there where my drumming had reached a new level. I grew interested in the style of Modern Jazz and Swing, as well as Contemporary Rock and Funk as well as Salsa. Currently, I will soon graduate from Valley Forge Christian College this year with a degree in Music Technology. God has truly blessed me in ways I couldn’t even imagine; I’m currently the drummer for my church “Spanish Pentecostal Church Mt. Sinai” over at Allentown, Pennsylvania, I’m also the drummer for the Gospel Jubilee Band over at Reading, Pennsylvania. Finally I’m the drummer for the worship team “Sealed By Christ” over at the Bronx, New York.

I would like to thank all the people who have been a great support and a great influence to me in my life: my parents/pastors Rev. Manuel Hernandez and Margarita Hernandez, my grandmother Rev. Julia Matias, my aunt and uncle Ruben and Wanda Felix (Directors of Christian salsa band “Orquestra Xariz”), my church in Allentown, “Sealed By Christ”, and most importantly my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for if it wasn’t for Him, I would not be the man that I am today. Thank you Jesus!

I would like to explain the gear that I use: I use Pearl Drums, DW Pedals, Tama/Pearl Hardware, REMO Drumheads, JCR Timbales, LP Percussion Bells and Block, and most importantly Soultone Cymbals!!