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Alexandre Gricar

My interest for music began back when I was 10 when my cousin brought home a guitar he had probably stolen. After hitting a bunch of stuff, I realized that I loved rhythmics and that I was good at it. I decided to start the drums and therefore bought my first Pearl drum set (I then switched on a Mapex). I learnt to play all by myself, in my parents’ attic, motivated by my passion for Rock’n Roll shared with my brother.

Later on, we formed our band Drenalize with my brother and 3 school friends of ours. At the beginning we were just playing covers of our 80’s idols in the attic - so loudly that my father one day had a benign heart attack. For obvious public health sake, we changed our rehearsal place to a bunker charitably lent by our hometown Briey, a small city next to Luxemburg. That’s where we rehearsed for our first gig that took place in 2013 (mainly made of covers) and wrote our first album Destination Everywhere that was released in 2015.
The album was well received by the press and was reviewed in several relevant magazines -Rockhard (France), Powerplay (UK), Fireworks (UK)- providing very promising feedbacks. Parallels were drawn with Poison, Scorpions, Danger Danger, Def Leppard (etc.) which was very eulogistic for us because of our admiration for those guys.
After 2 years of concerts and a line-up modification, we are ready to skyrocket by releasing our 2nd album – currently being recorded especially with the use of my full Soultone set.

My Soultone Set: 

14" Explosion Hi-Hats
18" Custom Brilliant China
18" Vintage Crash
16" Vintage Crash
20" Explosion Ride
10" FXO 5 Splash