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Alexander Nourse

Alexander Nourse

Alexander Nourse was born on February 5 2005 in North Carolina.
Alex plays a variety of music mostly from the Rock and Metal subgenres.
His love for the drums has influenced him to film drum covers and play for bands. He currently plays for the pop punk band Columbus day based out of Charlotte N.C.
Growing up, Alex was introduced to Rock bands such as ACDC and Linkin Park. This will be the foundation to his musical tastes and playing styles. Throughout the years Alex gets introduced to extreme metal bands from subgenres of death metal and blackmetal further influencing his playing style.
During the years Alex has taken lessons to help improve his drum skills. He learned the basics of double bass drumming and other forms of extreme styles of drumming. He taught himself the skills he needs to play extreme metal drumming such as fast double bass and blastbeats.




My Soultone Set: 

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18” Vintage Crash
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