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In 2019, Alex’s brand “Aoneartistry” was born for the purpose of highlighting and showcasing music as an outlet to encourage and inspire others to excel in their passion. When asked what makes his brand unique Alex says: “What makes something “A1” or in other words “topnotch” is not just the raw talent an artist may bring to the table but instead, what makes an artist “A1” is the amount and quality of effort they put into their craft”. In this way, Alex’s brand plants a seed of hope in any progressing artist who is striving to achieve a pinnacle of success that only they can define. As a multi-instrumentalist, music arranger, and producer, Alex believes that how you practice is how you perform. Therefore, it goes without saying that he has intentionally sought out multiple opportunities to grow himself as an artist.

Alex’s tack record demonstrates his versatility and capacity to be a dependable leader, performer, and session collaborator. Compelled by a sense of service to others Alex accepted a role as the Musical Director for a themed musical event series known as Motor City Singers’ Space, an interactive vocal jam session that showcases artists in a safe, fun, and supportive environment all in the spirit of removing the stigma from mental health awareness. His obsession with quality musical craftsmanship even landed him to other noteworthy opportunities, one being an opportunity to perform a Christmas special in collaboration with rock ventures at one of Detroit, Michigan’s premier luxury hotels, The Shinola and the other being a performer at the annual Soaring Eagle Arts, Beats, and Eats festival, founded to celebrate the quality of life in Oakland County by offering a culturally unique representation of artists, musicians, and food exhibits from the Metro Detroit Area and throughout the United States. A few of Alex’s in-session collaborations include recording singles for recording artists Gerald “Pac-Man” Dixon (You Can’t Stop Me, Gud Day, etc.) and Camille Bulley (It’s Not I).

Founded on the notion that “practice makes progress," Alex will continue to allow music to be his outlet but only in a way that inspires others to recognize that life is music and without life our hearts would not beat.


Gud Day - Gerald “Pac-Man” Dixon II

You can’t stop me - Gerald “Pac-Man” Dixon II

Runnin’ - Gerald “Pac-Man” Dixon II

You Are My God - Gerald “Pac-Man” Dixon II

I Love You Lord Medly - Gerald “Pac-Man” Dixon II

I Can’t Help But Sax - Gerald “Pac-Man” Dixon II

It’s Not I - Camille Bulley

Original (singles):

Moonlight (coming 2021)

Game Show (coming 2021)

Lift Off (coming 2021)

Thank you. What about scheduling to come in for a recording? I am local to LA.

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Instagram: @aoneartistry
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My Soultone Set: 

Hats - Gospel 14"
Splash - Extreme 8"
Crash - Gospel 16"
Crash - Vintage 18"
Ride - Natural 21"