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Alex Sladen

Alex Sladen has been playing the drums since very early childhood, and began playing live shows and touring at the age of 12.

From early 2017, he has taken up drumming duties for Manchester party metal outfit FOOTPRINTS IN THE CUSTARD, and played all over the UK - as well as many major festival appearances (including Download and Bloodstock) along with forays into Germany and Ibiza.

Alongside this he also plays for the Manchester Melodic Death Metal group FROZEN IN SHADOWS, a band that is quickly making waves throughout the UK underground following a main stage appearance at a Hard Rock Hell festival in late 2018.

Not content with his considerable output, his work with the Yorkshire-based Blackened Death metal band VÖLNIIR brings an all-out brutal assault on the senses accompanied by their incredibly dark and aggressive sound, accompanied by some of the most intense drum work he’s done to date.

My Soultone Set: 

4 Piece Abby Pack
18" Extreme China