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Keys & Corridors

Alex Sadler has been drumming for almost 16 years as a self-taught drummer in Ohio. He started his career learning how to play to his favorite bands at home, but eventually through the hard work and dedication of musicianship he developed a style of his own that he uses to play drums today. Between 2014 and 2016 Alex played with a barrage of bands ranging anywhere from Pop Punk to NU Metal. While playing with these bands he's had the honor to share the stage with bands such as Mushroomhead, Riverside, Three Eyed Doll, Hawthorne Heights, and Michael Graves. In 2017 he was a part of a Doo Wop Punk band based out of Chicago where he took the chance to play on the 2017 Warped Tour, giving him the opportunity to network himself with some of the industries biggest touring drummers such as Kevin "Pacsun" Kaine from Knocked Loose, and Jared Easterling from Fit for a King. Eventually Alex split ways with the Chicago band and was quickly picked up by his current band Keys & Corridors. With his new band he's already seen a tremendous spike in his career with a full-band endorsement through Vratim drum shoes and clothing, a full-band sponsorship with Spirit Airlines, and now an endorsement with Soultone cymbals. He's played shows in several new states and says that "This is only the beginning for me and my band. With the talent that we have and the drive we possess to move to a higher plateau in music I don't think we can be stopped from moving forward with our career as muscians." We're looking forward to helping Alex's career continue to shoot forward at Soultone and can't wait to see what he does next with us.

My Soultone Set: 

18" Custom Crash
20" Extreme Ride
13" Extreme Hi Hat Pair
16" Custom Brilliant China
17" Custom Crash