Alex Herrera was born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia on April 9th, 1983, where his interest in music started at a young age.
He is the drummer of Colectro (New Colombian folklore).
In this band he shows most of his work in music mixing rhythms like funk, electro, afro beat and jazz, with the intention of contribute to the new Colombian music and keep the identity through rhythms. Also Alex Herrera is considered as a versatile drummer playing live or studio.
At a very young age Alex started to show interest about music, specifically on percussion. Luckily he can practice at school without bother his family at home with the noisy instrument.
Alex began taking drum lessons at the age fourteen when he studied with Einar Scaff, Colombian drummer, producer and professor, before that he studied music in Bogotá city, capital of Colombia, focusing specifically on drums and percussion as his specialty.
Alex says his biggest musical influences are all the Colombian and Caribbean music like, Reggae, Cumbia, African music, Terapia, Calypso, Funk, jazz, Afro beat and drummers like Steve Gadd and Buddy Rich.
He is now finishing The recording of the second album with his band Colectro

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