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Alex Dixon

Alex ‘ drummerboy’ Dixon was born and brought up in London England amidst an eclectic mix of musical sounds from Soho funk to smooth mowtown, from the jazz sounds of hoxton to the reggae beats of Brixton, rnb, hip hop and socca

Even before speech Alex was inspired by music, with an undeniable natural talent he began his musical journey on the steel pans. Inspired by the sounds and timeless legacy left by Bob Marley Alex continued to thrive in his chosen path and soon found his true love…the drum kit.

By the tender age of 10 Alex had played in Nottinghill carnival alongside some of London brightest and oldest urban musicians. Continuously inspired by musicians and artists Alex became the original music hoarder. The result, an audio library more diverse than London itself, from Ella Fitzgerald to A Tribe Called Quest from Slim Smith to Animals as Leaders to Snarky Puppy, Jaco Pastorius, Hiatus Kiayote, Erica Badoo, The Gorillaz, Metallica, Freddie Mcgregor,The Yellow Jackets and James Brown.

At 14 Alex won a place at a renowned inner London performing arts and music school, this experience cemented his passion for everything sound…His passion, determination and raw talent has landed him endless stage opportunities including, Camden's Round House, and the undoubtedly prestigious Ronnie Scots in the heart of the Londons west end.

During his young career Alex has built a network of musicians and artists he, gigs regularly with artists, including,

> Georgia Grace
> nk,
> Urahara Mitchell Piano
> Joy Nkoyo Effiong
> Renato Paris
> Ben Wickins
He also gigs throughout London with his band Anything But Standards a NeoSoul, Jazz fusion band - band motto ‘’musical intelligence has no ceiling’'

Alex benefits from the tuition and mentoring of colin woolway founder of Drumsense and former colleague of Susie Quatro and veteran british jazz artist Julian Joseph

With musicianship beyond his young years (18) Alex is competent in many music genre’s continuously growing in technique, confidence and style. A surprisingly humble young man Alex feeds from the skills and experience of his peers and colleagues, despite a unmatched capablity across the board Alex's musical heart remains with his childhood sweethearts, jazz, old school hip-hop, gospel and neosoul.

Alex takes his profession extremely seriously and has continued formal education in one London’s leading independent universities of music. The challenging course combines musical excellence with academic rigour.

My Soultone Set: 

14" Vintage Old School Patina Hi Hats
16" FXO 6 Crash
16" Heavy Hammered Crash
19" Heavy Hammered Crash
20" Heavy Hammered Ride