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Alex started drumming at the age of 13. Through his early years, he played in local death metal bands in his hometown of Modesto, California. At the age of 17 he injured his back and at 21 had to stop playing drums altogether. At that time he thought he may never be able to play again, but after years of perseverance, therapy, surgeries and hard work, he was able to get back into playing.
In 2013, Alex started his progressive metal project, LUNAR with guitarist & co-writer Ryan Erwin. Lunar released their debut EP in 2014 and their debut full-length album, “Theogony,” in 2017, which was named Prog-Sphere’s #23 album of the year in 2017! After Erwin’s unfortunate death in 2018, Alex decided to keep Lunar going even without him. Alex took over the sole writing duties on top of drumming and is set to release Lunar’s sophomore album later in 2019.
In addition to doing Lunar, Alex also joined the power metal band HELION PRIME in 2016. Shortly after Alex’s joining, the band signed with AFM Records and later released their sophomore album “Terror of the Cybernetic Space Monster” in 2018. After the album’s release, Helion Prime embarked on a North American tour supporting UNLEASH THE ARCHERS and STRIKER. The band is currently in the process of writing their 3rd album, which they hope to release in 2020.


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