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Alex Atzori

Session drummer, percussionist, and teacher based in Italy, started playing aged 14, I can say my formation basically happened in the UK, where I attented and finished the courses at "The Planet Drum School", drums and percussion school founded by two big session guys (you can check

I partecipated with them to "The Rhythm Sticks Festival" 2004 and 2005, at The Royal Festival Hall in London, and to more big public festivals.

I then started touring for two years in a row, up and down the UK with a company producing a sort of World War II style Big Band show. (for this reference Dates brought me to play in Glastonbury Festival, The London Marathon,100 Club in London and all sorts of festivals and public and private events, and finally to record the drums for their CD ("The Fabolous Swingin' Chandeliers").

Here in Italy I am resident with a POP-ROCK act, called ECHO 80 (, a full on party band playing all sorts of styles from the eighties (we usually play pretty much a hundred gigs a year, from big stages to clubs), but i still go with the session work (live and studio recording).

About that, during summer 2009 i had the honour to play on stage with Donna Summer, with her band touring Europe at that moment, for a gig in Cala di Volpe, Costa Smeralda.

During summer 2010 i played at MAMMABLUES Festival with New York based singer Dana Fuchs(, and her band featuring John Diamond on guitar and Walter Latupeirissa (Steve Lukather and Stef Burns on his credits), for her full-on rock-blues act.

I also have a record out with guitarist Dario Elia (, record called "Vie Impervie".

I also have in mixing and mastering phases original works for COLDSCAPE, NOWHERE TO FLY ( and guitarist Francesco Congia.

In the meanwhile i keep going with the teaching activity, with individual courses and workshops for drums and percussion, for many different public and private organizations.

Recently I've become official teacher for SCUDERIE CAPITANI (, one of the top drummin' academies in Italy.


CVL DRUMS: custom made drums, made in Italy.

LANTEC DRUMSTICKS: custom weight sticks made in Italy.

ATTACK DRUMHEADS: through italian distributor BOMAP, providing also the new CYMBAGS