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Alejo Alvarez Quiroga

Alejo Alvarez Quiroga

Mario Alvarez Quiroga,Tulma, Carla Nieto

Alejo Alvarez Quiroga
Drummer - Percussionist - Composer

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on January 31st 1978, Alejo got involved with music early in life. He started his first steps with the so-called “bombo leguero”, a native Argentine percussion instrument and promptly plunged himself into the world of drums, percussion and drawing. He took classes with Luis Querol and Daniel “Pipi” Piazzolla and went extensively on tour along Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay and Chile. He recorded over 20 albums, directed and produced Mario Alvarez Quiroga´s last 3 CD’S and DVD’S, produced German Kalber and Carla Nieto and worked as a creative freelance for PeerMusic, the world´s largest independent music publisher.
Alejo is currently on a fusion path between acoustic drums and percussion, bombo leguero, djembe, cajón peruano-flamenco and other accessories in an attempt to obtain a fluid and natural sound for the projects he is involved in. Even though he works alternatively as a studio session and live musician for different artists, his main activity is concentrated on the band he forms with Mario Alvarez Quiroga who he tours with all along the year throughout Argentina. His most personal and recent project in which he writes most of the repertoire is TULMA, a folk-fusion band.

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