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Alejandro Rodríguez

Alejandro Rodríguez

Alejandro Rodriguez

Bogota, Colombia / December 31st of 1988.

Is an independent and session drummer. Inspired for Travis Barker, Atom Willard and Graham Churchill, he learned to perform Hardcore Punk and Skate Punk when he was 15.

He studied Music performance and Session at Ferndando Sor music college and El Bosque University, where had the chance of study whit masters like Pedro Acosta, Antolin Diaz, Ernesto “Neto” Fernandez and Italo Lamboglia. The work of Aaron Spears, Tony Roister Jr, Jojo Mayer, Steve Gad, Nicola “snico” Santi, Nick Angelini, Andrew Lewis and others make a reference point in his carrer.

He has worked as music performer and sesion with some bands of bogota, in which stan out the work with the hardcore straight edge band “xPOSITHINKx". On February of 2009 he start to play on "TV EXPO SHOW", an indie rock band from bogotá where recorded the "Hybis" and "Love In Separation" EP's. Was a band founder and worked a lot for 4 years to get their positioning until May of 2012.

Actually is the drummer of "The Vicious Malice" and works as independent drummer