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Alec Sciamma

Alec Sciamma was born on 20th june 1980 in Carcassonne (South of France).

At the age of 4, his parents moved to Kathmandu (Nepal).

His father being a respected musician, Alec used to be draged to all of his gigs. His passion for the drums started at the age of 10 when he first jammed during his father's band soundcheck.

The next day he got his first Kit and started playing with all the tapes he could find in all styles of music. That was it !

From then, he formed variouses bands and played as a session musician (studio and Live gigs) for the locals stars like "Abhaya and the steam Injuns" and Robin Tamang from the band "Robin and the new revolution".

Around 2004 he formed a progressive rock band called Atomic Bush, which won a band contest called "Rock heads" in 2005, and owns the title of the best rock band of Nepal.

Being a self taught musician from day one, he decided to comes back to France with the will to get a higher musical education.

He then joined the Agostini School of Drumming in Toulouse.

in 2009, he began a "blues rock prog" band called "Tombstone". This band is recognized in France to be an upgrowing talent, with already 2 studio recordings and a third to come soon. Supported by the audience as well as the medias, Tombstone played more than 100 shows.

As a day job, Alec is the drum master-teacher in the french public music school of Conques-sur-Orbiel.

That's not enough playing for Alec : on his free time, he plays guitar, bass and harmonica in different french bands...

During 2011 Tombstone's tour, Alec was lucky enough to share the stage with :

Guthrie Govan - Club Le Chapeau Rouge

Gerald de Palmas - Festival de Carcassonne

Antiquarks - Douzens theatre

Syncopera - Club ArtCade

Mojo Band - Fanjeaux Blues Festival

Ok Channel - Chanac

My Soultone Set: 

21" Crash/Ride "Vintage Old School - 1964"
16" Crash "Vintage Old School - 1964"
14" Hi Hats "Vintage Old School -1964"
18" Crash "Vintage Old School -1964"
17" CHINA "Vintage"
8" Splash "Vintage"
20" Ride" Gospel"
16" FXO 6 Crash
19" Explosion Crash
20" Explosion Crash
14" FXO6 Crash (used a stack)
15" Extreme China (used as stack)

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