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Aldo Vidaurri Salvatori “MET”

Aldo Vidaurri Salvatori “MET”

Aldo Vidaurri Salvatori, the oldest of three was born in Puebla City on the state of Puebla in Mexico. From a young age he showed love for music and drumming, getting for Christmas his first drum set at the age of 5. One year later he started learning drums from Beto Diaz, his teacher until he was 10. From that age on he stop taking classes and started to teach himself from all the roots his teacher had left him.

At the age of 13 he started his first cover band with his best friends from Middle School. One year later he traveled to Canada to for a year, he was chosen main drummer for his music class and was instructed in many forms and ways of classical music without leaving his rock, funk and jazz influences.

When he turned 18 and back in Mexico he joined a local band called Greyjoy, at the same time he started his pop rock en Español band Extasis. With both bands he travel and played shows in local bars and nearby cities.

His first recorded job was a tiny digital EP from the band Extasis which later changed its name to Heartrick due to copyright issues. With Greyjoy he released a multiplatform EP and played in the inauguration of the Estadio Cuauthemoc, Puebla’s soccer stadium in 2015.

Later on he left Heartrick and created Never Say Macbeth, a band of hard rock-Heavy Metal with some of his musician friends from his childhood. Never Say Macbeth was sing by SNR Records, and started pre-production later that year (2015). At the same time Greyjoy continued playing shows around the country until they needed to stop due to Aldo’s trip to Boston to join the Berklee College of Music (5 week Summer Program). In Boston he practiced and focused on the more Latin and chill styles such as Bossa and Jazz under the wing of teachers like Alberto Neto, Larry Finn and other international drummers. Those influences can be heard on Greyjoy`s full length album that is being recorded in this moment.

Due to artistic differences Never Say Macbeth paused the recording of their album and by this time (2017) Aldo was invited to participate in different projects such as True North’s EP “A Ningun Lugar” and Illuminasty’s full length album “Rachi” as their drummer, they started touring all around the country visiting cities like Mexico City, Ciudad del Carmen, Merida, Michoacán, Ciudad Juarez and others. They have released two music videos and were one of the 6 best rock bands in Mexico according to McCarthy´s Irish Pub Rock Duel, a national contest that invited more than 300 Mexican.

At the end of 2018 Aldo joined Seymour Duncan’s artist Arturo Mawcinitt super group Tritonia. Tritonia is formed by Arturo himself, Jose Antonio Orea who had studied in Los Angeles Musicians Institute and Federico Fong former bass player of the legendary Rock en Español band Caifanes and later Jaguares. Tritonia is a band of prog-metal djent that is currently recording their first full length album and had released their first single “It’s Not Okay” in January of 2019 with a music video.

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