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AJ Graves

AJ Graves

A proud new member of the Soultone family is Heavy Metal/Punk Rock drummer AJ Graves, born Amir John Shafaghat grew up in Los Angeles in Southern California. Early in his life he discovered music from his father who had an eclectic vinyl album collection. AJ was fascinated with band like The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and mainly Black Sabbath. He appreciated the different rhythms and styles in these bands but mainly focused on Bill Ward of Black Sabbath style. Hard, heavy, and powerful. Heavy Metal was the genre that really connected with AJ and interests him to start making his own music. The speed, aggressive, and heaviness inspired AJ to start learning percussions and create his own heavy metal band.
In High School AJ attended the jazz band and the marching band in the drumline division, which help him learn how to read and write music and strengthen his own hard hitting but precise drumming style. He began to start performing and making music with friends and performed in his High School's battle of the bands each year. He achieved winning many battle of the bands and other competitions with his high school and later in college drumline. Furthermore, he continued performing with the El Camino College drumline and traveled and performed all over. With his own bands he would perform any chance that he can in backyards, bars, music venues, clubs, and parties. He would attend the NAMM convention every year AJ loved seeing the future in music and drumming. Blending his love of hard heavy metal and fast aggressive punk rock, AJ was inspired to put together a Misfits tribute band in 2013 named Doyle Rules. They would perform all over Sunset Strip in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and is a well known favorite around Halloween time. He started working at Saint Rocke a music venue in Hermosa Beach as security after headlining a show there. Saint Rocke supported AJ’s bands he would perform their many times. AJ has also enjoyed success with his now retired project, Red Spade. Red Spade opened up for many huge Metal bands. Then Red Spade moved on to headlining shows after their first year together. Over 16 years experience AJ's continues strong into his future in music and as a drummer. He has performed and demonstrated new drumming products and enjoys his role as Artist Relations for No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves. AJ continues to see a bright future for himself in music. Look out for exciting shows and new music from His newest band, Locnar!



Email: Ajgraves88@yahoo.com

My Soultone Set: 

22" Extreme Ride
18" Extreme Crash
18" Extreme Crash
18" Extreme China
16" Extreme Crash
14" Extreme Hi-Hats