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Adrian Constantino

Adrian Constantino was born in Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina, on April 25, 1984.
When he was 12, he began his studies in drums with Gustavo Fernández, with whom he studied
three years. A year later came his first band, called Vástago, a heavy metal proyect.

At age 17 he began to approach Funk-rock. He started playing professionally with Anécdotas.
This band toured Argentina along six years. It was integrated by Sebastian Islas, Pablo Facca and
Germán Mondin. He played with Soldana y El Cruce, too.

In 2005, he started taking lessons with Jorge Cid, drummer of the local environment, a musician
with a brilliant career. He assumes a wider musical expression and starts to compose songs of
various styles. Jorge Cid, helps him to understand the drums as a mean of friendship and helps him
professionally. That year, Adrian recorded the drums of Que no tenga nada (Sebastián Islas).

In 2007 he starts Vértice, along with Masi Garcia and Sebastian Saratella. A great band that fuses
rock, pop, funk and soul. They played at the Teatro Municipal of Bahia Blanca and also at the
Humanidades sessions, with a remarkable number of spectators. In october, they gave a great
performance in the city of Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina, in the scenary of the mythical Galpón 11.
Vértice recorded two albums: Está en tu casa? and Living (live).

Back in 2009, Adrián left Vértice and joined Pazatempo (Francisco Panzini, Pablo Di Prátula and
Sebastian Saratella), and played with Germán Mondin band, too.

Currently, Adrian gives drum lessons in his own classroom and, recently, he joined to Grises band.

Adrián was influenced by Dave Dicenso, Steve Jordan, Chad Smith, Jota Morelli, Teddy Campbell,
John Blackwell, Keith Carlock, Willy Iturri, Martin Valihora, Jorge Araujo, Taylor Hawkins, Aaron
Comess, Jerohn Garnett and many others.

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