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Adrian Clarke

Adrian Clarke

My story began in Hamilton, Ontario, growing up under my parents who are both ministers (Bishop Levi Clarke and Floreth Clarke), I was always in church, and according to my mother I began playing her pots and pans as early as 1 year old.

I watched the older musicians and practiced at home on pillows, at the age of 5 my family and I got shipped to Montréal, Québec where there was no drummer they had and organist a bass player and two guitarists including my mother, I immediately began playing as the drummer for a church of 150 members, all the other musicians where my mothers age. I gained experience as drummer there for 2 years.

Being missionaries and pastors my parents where then stationed overseas in Brussels Belgium, upon reaching there I found only acoustic guitars, so for 3 years I learned guitar along side my mother and was a lead guitarist for the church there. I also learned to play bass guitar and keyboards while there.

After that tenure I returned back home (1990) and resumed playing drums and played for three years, after that I became the keyboardist for our church and trained another drummer to play.

My current position started in 2004 at New Hope Tabernacle, where I resumed playing after a few years rest, I was rusty to say the least, but I practiced many hours, and am the current drummer for the praise and worship ministry there.

I play along side talented musicians Terry Williams and Sonia Levy. They were both instrumental in my development.

I have no formal training and thank God for my talent, my style is a mix of gospel/Caribbean/jazz/funk/rock.

I love the sound of my cymbals and everyone else goes nuts over the clarity of the sound.

Thank you Iki and Soultone Cymbals.

God Bless.