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Adrian “AJ” Vincent

Adrian “AJ” Vincent

Born and bred in England Adrian Vincent has been playing drums for 7 years, picking up the drumsticks on the old worn out drum kit at school he soon managed to master the basic’s, even though there was a lot of work there was one man who had the patience and time to help him progress and open his eyes to the capabilities of drumming if you put your mind to it, John Fisher the name and God Rest his Soul.

Adrian aka AJ known to his friends is currently studying at Drumtech in London for a certificate in higher education and then a Bachelor of Music Degree in Drumkit and Latin Percussion. He has a lot of experience under his belt being session work for other bands or work in his own band. So that means AJ is capable from jumping from genre to genre and still keeping the pulse and groove flowing.

Currently playing drums and percussion for an artist by the name of Franka De Mille he has also played for many local bands, local to him in Dover and Gravesend, England.

Although before going to Drumtech AJ attended Canterbury College where he played in the college’s jazz band for his final year which led on to performances for the colleges and other higher names within the faculty, after being asked to play in London to the educational deligates from the EU, the drummer managed to land a few more shows before moving on to university. Now currently studying Drum kit and Latin Percussion in London there is a lot to learn out there.