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Aditya Oke

Dead Exaltation, Adamantium, Schwa

Hello . This is Aditya Oke . I was brought up in a small city in India called Nagpur. A city where there was hardly any influence of heavy music and metal culture .
I grew up listening to heavy music which pushed me further into it. Drumming has always meant power to me . 7 years from then till now i am continuously and mostly into drumming .
My influences - my influences vary from Guns and Roses, S.O.A.D to Psychroptic , Cattle decapitation , Beyond creation, Whitechapel, Fleshgod apocalypse, Rings of saturn etc
I did my Diploma in Sound Engineering and Design from SeamEdu Pune.

I am a full time drummer and here are the details of all the bands i play for:
Check them out-

Dead Exaltation - - Death metal / Pune India
Adamantium - - Metal core , Post hard core / Pune India
Schwa - - Progressive rock /Pune India
To check out my facebook page - - Follow my facebook page for updates on drum playthroughs and live drum cams .
Also check out my Youtube space here : for updates on my latest videos.

*About soultone cymbals - "Soultone gave me a crisp fine tone which also fuses very well with modern drumming sound and ears."

I also am a drum faculty for a Pune based music institute called 'Musziclub'.
My goals as an artist is to tour internationally along with my bands and also help in the local scene / the scene of my country (city) to prosper and grow. Also to collaborate as a session musician with other artists is what i love.