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Adam Danis

Adam Danis is a drummer and multi-instrumentalist based in Kalamazoo Michigan.

Danis was born in Battle Creek Michigan to a musical family. At the age of seven, he made his first request for a set of bongos. Throughout his youth, he studied classical and marching percussion while concentrating on rock, funk, jazz, and prog drumset on his own time.

A constant installation in many corners of the Michigan music scene for more than a decade, Danis has taken part in dozens of recording projects and countless live performances. His most notable effort to date is the Kalamazoo based psych-pop ensemble The Go Rounds, who have been a prolific studio force since 2009 (with 11 releases including their 2019 full-length record 'whatever you may be'). The Go Rounds have also been a consistent touring entity in the US, Mexico, and Canada since 2014.

Danis's playing is notable for its seemless blending of styles and feels, and forward-thinking use of alternative techniques. The result is familiar yet distinct grooves, and satisfying lyrical fills. He is an intense and captivating performer, as well as a conscientious session player.
Also, he's a 6'5" true lefty, so it's just funny to watch him play.

My Soultone Set: 

10" Extreme Splash
17" Natural Crash
8" Heavy Hammered Splash
10" FXO 6 Splash
7" Bronze Bell
20" Vintage Old School Patina Crash/Ride
14" Natural Hi Hat Pair
21" Vintage Old School Patina Flat Ride