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AbimifOluwa-Emmanuel Onamade (Abim)

AbimifOluwa-Emmanuel Onamade (Abim)

AbimifOluwa-Emmanuel Onamade (Abim) is a talented young Australian drummer who loves to play many different styles of music. Abim began his musical journey at the age of two. Born to a very musical family Abim was influenced by his dad to start playing the drums. His family soon realised that he could actually play the drums pretty well for a two-year-old. By the age of four, Abim started taking drum lessons and has attended drum clinics by Tony Royster Jr, Mark Schulman, Chris Coleman and Matt Garstka where he then developed the skills that have helped him so far.

Raised in the church at the age of seven Abim started playing drums at many different church gigs when he was ten Abim stopped doing outside of school lessons for drums he made the decision to start taking percussion as well as drum lessons in school to improve his music theory. Abim then joined high school ensembles as a primary school student. When he finally got to high school he began playing in the high school jazz big band that went on a school trip to perform at the Generation is Jazz competition in Mount Gambier, South Australia.

Now, Abim is 14 years old and he is playing the drums for many different school bands and many local musicians from where he lives. Abim has played for Nigerian artist Tim Godfrey, who has made songs with Travis Greene, he has played the drums for Sarah Teibo and Pastor Joshua Long as well. He is planning on extending his repertoire by learning new instruments but for now “I am going to stick to what I know best” he says.

Ever since he used his first Soultone cymbals in 2014 he has loved the sound of the cymbals and he is now proud to be part of the Soultone family.

My Soultone Set: 

Gospel Series
22" Ride
19" Crash
11" Splash
14" Hi Hats