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Abidan Perry

Abidan Perry

Abidan Lloyd Perry
: Age “18”:
: Band “FromMindToMatter”: https://www.facebook.com/FromMindToMatter
Abidan’s percussion style is optimistic. With his attention of detail from Technique to Body Form, Abidan can make any drum talk in any language. Reflecting a favorable view of rudiments that can alter the meter, genre, and feel of music that’s being played.
Abidan also created his own formula for how to tune any membranophone piece on your drum kit to give you your own preferred sound, but with a more dynamic sound wave projection for Studio Recordings and/or Live Shows.
Abidan graduated from Archer High School ‘2013. During high school he was a part of the Marching Band. Abidan was on Snare Freshmen year, Tenor Sophomore year, Snare and Snare Captain on his Junior and Senior Year. His experience with Marching Band showed him the rabbits hole in the rabbit hole of music. Abidan brings out his alter wonderland of music for your eager ears.
Abidan’s band is a group of guys out of Lawrenceville Georgia that love to play music and have fun on stage. We are a Technical/Progressive/Death Metal band that has a different outlook on music
“Master2True” Abidan’s nickname that his band mates from “FromMindToMatter “FMTM” gave him.
Abidan wants to make a difference in the Music Industry. With his Drumming and Cunning ideas, Abidan has no doubt and faith that over flows for his future with Soultone Cymbals and his upcoming Career.

My Soultone Set: 

21" Ride "Extreme"
20" Crash "Custom Brilliant"
19" Crash "Custom Brilliant"
18" China "Custom Brilliant"
14" Hi Hats "Custom Brilliant"
7" Splash "Extreme"
8" Splash "Extreme"

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