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Aaron Spink (born in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada on July 3rd, 1984) is an up and coming drummer currently living in Ajax, Ont. He found a love and overall enjoyment for music at an early age and took up the piano when he was 7 years old. This experience was important to Aaron as it would provide a strong music theory foundation for his pending career. At age 11, Aaron took an interest in drums and started playing in music class at school. At age 15, Aaron decided to quit taking piano lessons and focused entirely on his drumming. Aaron was self taught on the drums for the first 7 years yet gained knowledge and experience by playing with the jazz and concert bands in high school as well as with numerous other groups throughout the Durham Region including a 4 time stint with the Durham Honour Bands. During Aaron's time in high school, he also gained much experience on drumkit playing in many various rock bands most notably Sin Seven which was Aaron's main "gig" for 4 years. Aaron originally started out as a rock drummer (being a fan of drummers like Mike Portnoy and Tim "Herb" Alexander) yet he eventually gained a love a passion for jazz and its many "permutations". He eventually started studying privately and in 2003 was accepted to Humber College's Jazz Performance Program. It is there where Aaron has gained a wealth of knowledge, humility and wisdom. He has studied drumkit and percussion with Roger Flock, Mark Kelso, Paul DeLong and Bob McLaren. In addition, Aaron has been blessed with the guidance and musical insight of such players as Saxophonist Pat LaBarbera, keyboardist Gord Sheard, and Guitarists Rob Bulgar and Ted Quinlan. Aaron, who graduated from Humber College in April of 2007, has become a fan and follwer of many drummers including Bill Stewart, Antonio Sanchez, Tony Williams, Philly Jo Jones, Buddy Rich, and Mark Kelso. However, Aaron's favourites as of late have been Steve Smith, Vinnie Colaiuta and the immortal Steve Gadd, who Aaron had the privelage of performing with in April of 2006.

Aaron is a dedicated drummer, who strives to practice and perfect his art as much as possible. He is currently "working on the scene" in Toronto as well as travelling to numerous locations around Ontario for live gigs and festivals. In addition, Aaron has gained some experience and a taste of the west coast by playing numerous areas in and around the San Diego, California area. Being involved in many projects of a wide range of styles as well as varying different musicians has been Aaron's direction, and his goal in becoming a successful session musician, being able to play at his best in any style at any time. Aaron teaches drums privately as well, in his spare time both at the Yamaha School of Music in North York and at the Cosmo School of Music in Richmond Hill.

My Soultone Set: 

21" Custom Brilliant Ride
13" Custom Brilliant Hi Hat Pair
8" Custom Brilliant Splash
16" Custom Brilliant Crash
18" Custom Brilliant Crash