GRAND CANYON - Standing in the Shadows
Silvestre Martinez - Incertidumbre
Raul Paulino Noriega - Gaia
Ray "Quasi" Nelson Drum Solo 9/8
Asher Fedi - Step by Step
Ido Maimon - Electric Neo
Nick Menza - OHM - System
I Killed The Prom Queen - Brevity - Shane O'Brien
Asher Fedi - Buleria
Nick Smith "The Rise"
Nick Smith Universal Language
The Avengers - Let The Praise Begin
Megadeth Holy wars Nick Menza Drums Only
Steven Adler - Rocket Queen - Guns N' Roses
Nick Smith feat. John Whitt - Glut
Jelly Bread - Infectious Grooves
Uoeno- Rocko, Go get it- TI, All Night- J.Cole
Michael Jackson - Human Nature live cover
Jerohn Garnett - "Footprints"
Nick Menza-Wake Up Dead,Megadeth
Mauricio Zottarelli Drum Solo
Jerohn Garnett Drums & Bass
Dusan Kranjc Drum Solo
Branden Akinyele-Kanye West, Jay-Z - "Otis"
Veronica Bellino-DMC feat. Pauley Perrette - "Attention Please"
Eden Bahar Drum Solo
Ron Allen-Natural and Vintage Old School Cymbals
Nick Menza-Holy Wars-Megadeth
Gina Osmar - "Expedition" - Banana Nightmare
The Tim Gill All Star! - Jumpin' At The Woodside
Calixto Oviedo Trio
Matt Gordy, Bob Sheppard and Jeff D'Angelo