Elias Mavrias

Elias Mavrias

Jethro Talibans, Independent

Elias Mavrias is the drummer for the Greek rock band “Jethro Talibans”. Born in August 1984 and raised in Nafplion, a small town in southern Greece, he began drumming at the age of 14 for the junior-high school band. While attending the Sociology department of Panteion University of Athens, Elias played the drums for several college hard rock and metal bands, such as “Sleepy Hollow” and “VAMOS” and after being dismissed from his service in the Armed Forces, he joined the pop-rock band “Elxis” for about a year. In April 2010 he left Elxis and alongside with the tremendous vocalist/guitarist Nikos Poniros and the versatile bass player Ermis Adamidis, they formed the “Jethro Talibans”.

Elias’ playing style combines classic and progressive rock patterns with elements from Greek traditional and folk music, as well as metal, blues and afro-Cuban rhythms. He has also mastered the offbeat techniques, which is highly notable in the vast majority of the JT songs. Elias cites Nicko McBrain, Giorgos Trantalidis, Vassilis Vassilatos, Mike Portnoy, Neil Peart, Ignacio Berroa, Steve Gadd and John Bonham as his major influences.

Elias is well known for playing rather big drum kits, accompanied with electronic samples and many percussion instruments and chimes, as well as using almost every object that may produce sound, thus enhancing the JT music making, such as tin, iron bars, plastic and wooden surfaces etc..

Elias endorses R-Stick drumsticks since October 2011 and since February 2012 Elias is the first official Soultone Cymbals endorser in Greece.

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