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Dewayne Cowles is a percussionist from Newport News Virginia. Dewayne started playing drums at the age of 5 and transitioned to piano by the age of 12 , being as young as he was he realized early that music was his passion. As Dewayne got older he found himself performing at many concerts and events for local artists . Soon after, Dewayne started attending Jazz Camps to improve his playing ability ,where he learned how to play various styles. By the age of 18 Dewayne composed original music underneath Les D. Entertainment for the exciting stage play known as “HIPS”. Shortly after, Dewayne made his first big step by making an audition for the Norfolk State University Jazz Ensembles #1 & #2 . The Jazz Ensembles performance that year led them to a well deserved victory at the Villanova Jazz Festival of Spring 2014. The following year Dewayne returned to play with the Ensemble ounce more , where Norfolk State Universities Jazz Ensemble #2 took 2nd place and Jazz Ensemble #1 took 3rd place at the Villanova Jazz Festival of 2015 .Later that year, Dewayne was chosen to represent Percussion for accreditation from the 2015 National Association of Schools of Music. Soon after , Dewayne performed with the Mega Jazz Ensemble as they opened up for Wynton Marsalis at the Virginia Arts Festival. Dewayne has also performed with the Norfolk State University Vocal Jazz Ensemble , as they performed for Norfolk State Universities 1st Annual Prayer Breakfast which featured Rev. Al Sharpton as the guest speaker. Dewayne has also performed for Rap artist Sean Mason at the Mint in LA California. Dewayne is currently playing for the NSU Vocal Jazz Ensemble and NSU Jazz Ensemble, while also Composing and Arranging for Les D. Entertainment. Dewayne looks forward to his future as a rising musician saying, “ Always play as if it’s the last time you’ll play!!”

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