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Elad Azar

Elad Azar

Coma 7 , Barricades

I started playing when I was 15. Out of the blue. At first I played at friends' places that had drums and started gaining knowledge of the instrument. My passion for drums just grew bigger and I continued practicing and learning in different studios.
In 2012 I joined Metalcore band 'Better Left Untold' and spent 2 years of playing and performing. After the band broke up I took the time to go back to basics and improve myself. I studied for a year at Mr. David Rich's drums school and joined the bands 'Wolfist' & 'Barricdes'

'Wolfist' has released their debut album 'Have An Earth' on Dec. 2
Later in 2016 I joiend the Groove Hardcore band Coma7
And released the debut EP 'Hunger'.
All albums by my projects are available on Bandcamp.

My Soultone Set: 

14" Custom Brilliant Hi Hats
18" Custom China
18" Vintage Crash
22" Heavy Hammered Ride

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