Ryan "Muppet" Cox

Ryan "Muppet" Cox

Raven Black Band

Muppet is the drummer for an upcoming theatrical metal band, Raven Black, based out of Los Angeles, CA.
Born in Loveland, CO, he has been playing drums for 16 years.
In that time, he has played with jazz bands, dixie bands, played both xylophone and bass drum for his high school marching band, punk bands, pit orchestras for musicals and had multiple rock, metal and cover bands that he has been a part of as well.
He has taken lessons from Jeremy Colson (drummer for Steve Vai, Billy Idol, Marty Friedman) and Aaron Rossi (Ministry, Prong, Strife).
Muppet has shared the stage with Leo Key (Earth Wind and Fire), Mushroomhead, Drowning Pool, Ill NiƱo, Hell and Heavenfest 2016 where Rammstein, Twisted Sister, Five Finger Death Punch, Ghost and many other well known international acts came together in Mexico City.
He will soon open for Geoff Tate of Queensryche in Janesville WI on Muppet's international headlining tour happening this summer that started in Guadalajara, Mexico.
This tour will be Raven Black's second headlining tour of 2017 promoting their EP release of Seven Sins which was recorded with Ulrich Wild (White Zombie, Otep, Pantera, Static X, Deftones, Breaking Benjamin, Dethklok) in September 2016 right before Raven Black joined Mushroomhead on their Halloween tour.
Muppet will be touring nationally and internationally the rest of this year promoting Raven Black's EP before they head back into the studio to record the groups second record.

My Soultone Set: 

2 x 20" Extreme Crash
20" Extreme China
15" Extreme Hi Hat Pair
22" Extreme Ride


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