Roberto Verde

Roberto Verde


Roberto Andrés Verde Gonzalez, (August 24th -1992 Cabimas, Zulia) is a Venezuelan drummer who develops his type of play in the Jazz genre, combined with Indie-Rock music.

Roberto had his first encounter with music at the age of 8 when he began to study in his hometown, but for a short time. At the age of 15 moved out to another city, Maturin, Monagas, begins to play and learn drums. Decided to be a drummer by seeing Ringo Starr (The Beatles) and Alex Gonzalez (Maná) they became his biggest inspirations. Later, his preference to the Jazz genre was growing, watching old solos from Buddy Rich, Max Roach and Art Blakey, which he comments that what most shocked him was those powerful and fast drum solos with such a small drum kit and with only a few toms. Roberto returns to his musical studies as a Percussionist in ''José Gabriel Nuñez Romberg'' Music School in Maturin, studying Jazz, Rock and Latin Percussions with Raúl Muchaypiña who taught him to read music, at the age of 17. After his teacher left the school, Roberto kept studying drums by his own way, as self-taught.

In high school, he forms an Indie-Rock band with his twin Brother and named it ''Audiospray'', which came out officially in 2011, joining The Beatles, Editors, Oasis, Boy Kill Boy, Stone Roses and many more Rock N' Roll bands influences together as a musical proposal. They've had gigs in and out of his city. Today, Roberto spends his time as a drum instructor, ended the college career, working with his band, gigging, recording and with keep growing-up as a drum teacher plans, giving lessons at a school or clinics in and out of his town, while still learning and studying formally the drum art.

Roberto has also a swing-bop Jazz band project created in 2013 parallel of his band, named ''Roberto Verde y su cuarteto Jazz Superamérica'' led by him.

His biggest inspirations are Ringo Starr, Alex Gonzalez, Buddy Rich, John Bonham and Mitch Mitchell.

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